Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well protected...

Maybe I should explain the over 2,600 feminine hygenine pads and why we're eating dinner surrounded by over 800 pair of girls' underwear. Never a dull moment at the Hale Household! Well, in addition to regular school suppies etc one of the things we decided to focus on for our humanitarian effort was to pair up with a friend from the adoption agency to put together feminine hygiene kits for the young women in the orphanages. Since these girls don't have the same kind of feminine supplies available to them The Red Tent Project focuses on feminine hygine education and reusable suppiles.

For our version of the project, we worked with our adoption contacts to coordinate an effort to create the hygiene kits which would includec new girls underwear and to sew small drawstring bags as well as 16 cloth pads and 3 "envelopes" to hold the pads in place (for the women out there...they look like Always pad that snaps or velcos in the underwear). Generous donations have been coming in left and right over the last few weeks and then we sent the kids down to visit my dad at work one day and they came back with a carload of supplies. Did I mention my dad works at the LDS Humanitarian Center?

Oh, and when I say "carload" I am NOT exaggrating. Sierra and Rafe were packed into the back seat like little sardines... and the trunk was so stuffed some of the supplies fell out when they got home. We collected enough supplies for approximately 100 bags.... with stuff to spare! It was an amazing response! I'm so glad the kids are so cool with these types of issues! Even Rafe was right there in the middle of everything. So glad he is secure enough in his 13 yr old "manhood" to sort and count all those pads and such! ;)


  1. This is great and wow-what a great sense of giving you and your family have! Can't wait to hear more and see more as your adventure begins! I will 'Always' be checking your blog! Safe travels and way to go!

  2. Amazing! And good for Rafe for being secure. I know some adult men who would pass out at being surrounded with all those hygiene products. :-)