Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our last night in Addis Ababa is here

Well, our last night in Addis Ababa is here. We've been go-go-going all day long and just getting back to the guest house. We wrapped up our shopping and delivered the last of the feminine hygiene kits. Tomorrow we'll deliver the last of the baby kits and we' will have officially off loaded the approx. 400 pounds of humanitarian supplies that came with us...whew! We also went and spent a few hours with Tigist, Mikias and Yohannes' family today and said our goodbyes. Tomorrow we'll spend some more time with Rafe's brother Musay and say goodbye to him and all the guys at Brothers of Charity. The kids have been great and only driving us a little crazy on occasion. But I guess that's expected. All in all it's been an amazing trip...can't believe 2 weeks has flown by so fast. Sure has been an opportunity of a lifetime to come with the whole family! It will definitely be hard to get back into the routine of day to day life after seeing and experiencing all the things we have here. It sure makes us greatful for what we have at home and renews our drive to want to help others. So we leave tomorrow night after midnight, fly all night to Istanbul and then into Rome after a 3 hour layover. After 4 nights in Rome it'll be back to reality.BTW, this is a picture of Tigist, Mikias & Yohannes with some of their family.


  1. Have a safe trip home, and a fun time in Rome.

  2. What an experience of a lifetime! Thank you for sharing your adventure. I certainly hope to see more pictures when you return. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing in the world. Safe travels to you!