Monday, July 5, 2010

Whoooo...4th of July!!!! Oh wait, we had no BBQ...and no freakin' fireworks! Unless you count the two sparklers at the Lem Lem School program. That would be a stretch though. But seriously, the program was awesome! There was traditional dancing, more modern type dancing, a mini fashion show, singing, skits and of course...the spee...ches by myself, Tina and Mia...yay (NOT!). Everything was great and we really enjoyed the whole program. Crazily enough, Rafe's kindergarten teacher now teaches at Lem Lem, spotted and recognized Rafe and came to talk to us later. He was really excited to see him...since it's been 7 years and all. Mia left a little early to go to a family party, which left us Amharic'less with our drivers...Oy vay! When Mia left early, she hit the Debre Zeyit Family Restaurant, where we'd ordered a nice big peach cobbler on Friday (they even serve Mexican food there) and headed off to her cousin's house. Sounds like she had a good time and got to hang out and mingle with lots of cousins and second cousins. As for the rest of us, we took Emebet and Eyursalem (my parent's COEEF sponsor girl) to Blue Top restaurant for a little lunch...even scored us ice cream cones for dessert. Afterwards we dropped Eyursalem home and headed to the Brothers of Charity to hang out with Musay and his friends. There were lots of card games, checkers, picture taking and goofing off...which lasted several hours. We all had a good time and plan on going back Wednesday for a last visit. After several days of up early in the morning and getting back to the guest house late, we decided to head back to the guest house and take it easy. Getting home by 5:00 was a little crazy, but we had dinner at the guest house, watched a few movies, downloaded pictures and just vegged in general. Just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday left in Ethiopia and still quite an agenda to get on top of...with visiting mixed in at every spare second. I guess that means it's off to bed.

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